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Journal Regional Economy -- re2008.02.198

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Yevdokymenko, V. K., Vyklyuk, Ya. I., & Lyakhov, S. O. (2008). Zastosuvannya nechitkoyi lohiky dlya vdoskonalennya vyznachennya potokiv rekreantiv za dopomohoyu "modyfikovanoyi hravitatsiynoyi" modeli [Use of Fuzzy Logic for the Improvement of the Calculation of the Flows of Visitors with the Help of «Modified Gravitational» Model]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 48(2), 198-213. [in Ukrainian].
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Method of territory attraction calculation based on fuzzy logics was proposed. Improvement of «modified gravitation» model which is used for forecasting of the quantity of possible visitors in tourist centers has been carried out. Calculations were made with using a new model and comparative analysis of results has been represented.


attractiveness, fuzzy logics, gravitational model, recreational flows

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