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Journal Regional Economy -- re2008.03.023

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Mishenin, Ye. V., & Oliynyk, N. V. (2008). Pryntsypy makroekonomichnoyi otsinky sotsial'noho kapitalu [The principles of Macroeconomic Estimation of the Social Capital]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 49(3), 23-30. [in Ukrainian].
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The methodical approaches have been offered to the realization of high-quality estimation of social capital at macroeconomic level, which are based on the foundation of determination of complex indexes of social capital. Offered approach near the estimation of the level of social capital have allowed to elucidate and take into account the most substantial stimulant and destimulant indicators which elucidate essence-rich in content basis of social capital, and also to determine the degree of their influence on the general level of social capital in the country.The comparative estimation of the level of social capital of the probed country has been presented and dependence of economic development of the country on the level of social capital by conducting cross-correlation regressive analysis which confirms causally-investigation connection and influence of the social capital accumulated in the country on its economic development has been determined.


social capital, cross-correlation regressive analysis, destimulant indicators, stimulant indicators

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