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Journal Regional Economy -- re2008.03.161

Repository of Institute of Regional Research Repository of Vernadsky Library Shurpenkova, R. K., & Demko, I. I. (2008). Osnovy orhanizatsiyi ekonomichnoho analizu v systemi upravlinnya pidpryyemstvom [Bases of Organization of the Economic Analysis in a Management System of the Enterprise]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 49(3), 161-166. [in Ukrainian].



The features, tasks and principles of rational organization of the economic analysis have been determined and the necessity of improvement of management business on the basis of the automated system of the analysis with use of the automated workplaces has been substantiated. Certainly, complex analysis requires correct organization of analytical work, that it, arrangement, adjusting of co-ordination and concordance of its realization, with the purpose of warning of duplication, bringing unity into work of individuals officials or analytical organs. Rational organization provides reality and effectiveness of analysis, a loss or distortion of entrance information is taken to the minimum. The output of analytical information is provided on the different hierarchy of management or after the different degree of achievement of intermediate and eventual analytical results.


economic analysis, organization of the economic analysis, business management, task, principles, analytical work, automation

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