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Journal Regional Economy -- re2009.03.175

Repository of Institute of Regional Research Repository of Vernadsky Library Tymechko, I. R., Mikula, N. A., & Muzychuk, O. Ye. (2009). Rehional'ni doslidzhennya vplyvu prykordonnoyi torhivli na zhyttyediyal'nist' meshkantsiv prykordonnya [Regional Research of the Impact of the Border Tradе on the Vital Functions of Habitants of Frontier]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 53(3), 264 p. [in Ukrainian].



Influence of the border tradе on the vital functions of frontier habitants on the basis of sociological research, and also tangent regional researches has been considered. A conduct and motivation of people in different aspects (depending on age, nationality, social state, education, places of residence and others like that) and terms which determine mass character of those busy in the frontier, the forming of transborder streams on the basis of social features have been studied. Trends of perfection of normativelegal base of organization of the border tradе in the conditions of participation of Ukraine in WTO have been offered.


border tradе, boundary territory

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