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Journal Regional Economy -- re2010.02.017

Repository of Institute of Regional Research Repository of Vernadsky Library Mikula, N. A., Pasternak, O. I., Tymechko, I. R., & Husieva, M. O. (2010). Kontseptual'ni pidkhody do doslidzhennya konyunktury transkordonnoho rynku [The Conceptual Approaches to the Research of the Transborder Market Envіronment]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 56(2), 17-22. [in Ukrainian].



The essence of transborder market and its place in the system of regional and international markets is outlined. The features of transborder region, which influence the functioning of transborder market, are exposed. The conceptual approaches to the research of the transborder market environment, which engulf the principles, the basic tasks of research, the algorithm of realization of analysis, information sources and methods, are proposed with the purpose of exposure and analysis of trends, factors and terms that influence the development of competitive environment in a transborder region. The main provisions provided by the research may be used for the development of methodological recommendations for the transborder market environment analysis.


transborder region, transborder market, boundary region, regional market, transborder market environment, transborder cooperation

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