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Journal Regional Economy -- re2010.03.230

Repository of Institute of Regional Research Repository of Vernadsky Library Zaloznova, Yu. S. (2010). Rozvytok lyuds'koho kapitalu yak umova pidvyshchennya konkurentospromozhnosti vuhil'noyi haluzi [Development of Human Capital as a Condition for Improving Competitiveness of Coal Industry]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 57(3), 230-236. [in Ukrainian].



Theoretical and methodological explanation of human capital as competitiveness factor is presented. Negative trends in reduction of employees in coal industry and low educational level of these employees are defined. Estimation of conditions and possibilities of human capital development in the coal industry is carried out. Disadvantages in existing vocational system and advanced training are defined. The ways for increasing of innovative activity and quality of personnel in coal industry are offered through development of the Concept for Personnel Maintenance in the industry. Activities for this Concept realization require the balanced approach between educational-professional level and worker’s responsibilities, between the strategies for enterprises’ and personnel development.


human capital, coal industry, development, vocational training

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