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Journal Regional Economy -- re2011.03.089

Repository of Institute of Regional Research Repository of Vernadsky Library Storonyanska, I. Z., & Benovska, l. Ya. (2011). Innovatsiyni chynnyky formuvannya ta vykorystannya finansovoho potentsialu rehionu [Innovative Factors of Forming and Use of Financial Potential of Region]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 61(3), 89-97. [in Ukrainian].



The approaches to estimation of mutual influence of regional financial potential and development of innovative activity in the region are considered. Two directions of such mutual influence are selected: change of financial potential of region under the influence of innovations in management and interdependence of innovative activity of enterprises in the real sector of regional economy and its financial potential. Reciprocal influence between innovative activity of industrial enterprises of Lviv region and its financial potential on the basis of cross-correlation analysis method is examined.


region, financial potential of region, innovative activity, innovations, financial resources, real sector of economy, financing of innovative activity

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