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Bachynska, M. V. (2012). Analiz ta prohnoz chysel'nosti osib pokhyloho viku v konteksti rozvytku heriatrychnoyi dopomohy naselennyu rehionu [Analysis and Forecast of the Number of Elderly Persons in the Context of Regional Population Geriatric Care Development]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 66(4), 129-135. [in Ukrainian].
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Study investigates the widespread problem nowadays – the aging of population and the need to find solutions to the problems of improving the quality of life of elderly population. The number of elderly people in the Lviv region is analyzed and forecast of Lviv region elderly population by 2030 is conducted using the method of age movement, which confirms the need of geriatric care development because the predicted number of elderly people in the region tends to rise till 2026 with its maximum growth rate in 2016-2022.The benchmarks of geriatric care development in Lviv region according to the needs of the population are proposed and the need to improve the quality of geriatric services to be carried out taking into account the degree of satisfaction of the population by geriatric services and activity of geriatric care institutions is stressed.


aging of population, quality of life, organization of geriatric care system, geriatric service, elderly population, population forecast, program-target method

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