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Journal Regional Economy -- re2013.01.195

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Hoblyk, V. V., & Tymechko, I. R. (2013). Spetsyfika prykordonnoyi torhivli v transkordonnomu prostori Ukrayiny z YeS [Peculiarities of Bordering Trade in the Cross-Border Space of Ukraine with the EU]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 67(1), 195-200. [in Ukrainian].
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Bordering trade and its localization place is defined. The bordering trade entities are classified by their activity. The peculiarities of bordering trade in the cross-border space of Ukraine with the EU are examined, particularly in Ukrainian-Polish, Ukrainian-Slovak and Slovak-Polish regions. The influence of signing and approval of Small bordering movement agreement with adjacent countries - EU members on the development of bordering trade is analyzed. The interest of adjacent countries-EU members in the organization of bordering trade in cross-border space with Ukraine is outlined.


bordering trade, bordering trade entities, cross-border flow, bordering territory, small bordering movement

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