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Journal Regional Economy -- re2013.03.066

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Zhovtanetsky, V. I., & Zablotsky, B. F. (2013). Polityka investytsiy i zaynyatosti v systemi konverhentnoho rozvytku ekonomiky rehionu [Investment and Employment Policy in the System of Regional Economy Convergent Development]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 69(3), 66-72. [in Ukrainian].
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The basics of the investment and employment policy formation in terms of convergent (sustainable) development of the region are considered. The region as an equal in rights market entity in addition to the state and enterprises is substantiated. The importance of the system of regional investment fund formation in financial and economic self-sufficiency level of the region increase is outlined. The causes of inflation and unemployment as well as directions of improving the policy of investment and employment are disclosed.


region, investment, employment, gross regional product, economic policy, convergence

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