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Kushniretska, O. V. (2014). Metropoliyna funktsiya u sferi kul'tury: pidkhody do doslidzhennya ta analizu [Metropolitan function in culture: approaches to research and analysis]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 73(3), 98-108. [in Ukrainian].
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Metropolisation processes, characterized by a concentration of financial, economic, cultural, managerial capacity in large metropolitan cities is determined by the implementation of metropolitan functions. Increasing functional significance and weight of cities - metropolis require development of an integrated theoretical and methodological framework for identifying and assessing metropolitan processes in the relevant functional space in order to apply recommendations for their further development. The essential understanding of metropolitan function in culture is to understand it as an activity to ensure formation of expanded reproduction and cultural resources that form the reference sample of social experience in culture and have an impact on the surrounding metropolitan area and regions globally. In particular cultural metropolitan function on subject-object level is determined by the spiritual, historical, cultural connections in the city, as well as the weight of the cultural sector in the development of spatial forms of social organization of higher hierarchical order. The methodological basis of research metropolitan function in the cultural sphere should compose the subject-approach, which involves analysis of metropolitan function in terms of indicators of concentration function (the analysis of the number and density of localization of cultural institutions should be taken into account), indicators of activity (sales functions, including coverage and availability of appropriate services to consumers), as well as special implementation of quality indicators metropolitan functions that enable the study of conditional radius of influence of metropolitan functions on the surrounding area and globally.

The highest values of integral index of implementation metropolitan cultural features of the city is provided by a number of competitive advantages held by the city in an appropriate functional space. In particular, the space of the metropolitan as the historical center the governmental processes and cultures at the crossroads of peoples, characterized by dense spiritual, historical and cultural ties that specifies the concentration in it many religious sites, cultural institutions (Opera House, theaters, galleries , world class museums) and holding important public events and actions (congresses, festivals, etc.).

The rich historical heritage and significant achievements of our time, of course, cause metropolitan status of the city of Lviv in the cultural sphere. Due to the operation in the various cultural institutions as well as supporting and promotion of national festival, literary, artistic traditions of Lviv «capital» brands are being fixed now. In Lviv, the processes of active selfidentification and global recognition are developed.

The city is both convenient for life of local residences and attractive for creative people from other regions of the country and from abroad. In terms of socio-political and economic situation of the country, the primary objective should be to use existing strengths and capabilities to supply its own development and translation of standard samples of metropolitan social experience in the field of culture in the system of new social and economic realities of the post-era of Ukraine and the world.


metropolisation, metropolitan function, culture, city space.

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