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Sadova, U. Y., Semiv, L. K., & Andrusyshyn, N. I. (2014). L'vivs'ka ekonomichna shkola pratsi ta zaynyatosti: mynule, suchasne, maybutnye [Lviv economic school of labor and employment: past, present and future]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 73(3), 109-120. [in Ukrainian].
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Article deals with preconditions of formation and development of the Lviv School of Economics of labor and employment among the scientists of the Institute of Regional Studies of the NAS of Ukraine. Periodization of topics and research of the representatives of this school is conducted. The evolution of the object of study in the light of changes in the ideological imperatives of Economic Modelling and public administration is specified. Attention is paid to the progressive views of scholars on the role of the human environment and its existence in the manufacturing process, the innovative search developments in the field the formation and use of labor potential, in the sequence of deepening theoretical knowledge of management processes of labor and employment (via modeling of regional social and labor systems, development and implementation of employment programs, decent work, quality of life, etc.). In paper is emphasized on new factor of regional economic development and policy, globalization and regionalization environment of work and employment. The work, dedicated to the development of conceptual and terminological and methodological tools for the study of human capital of the region (the value of its evaluation to simulation scenario used in the economy) is mentioned. Research shows the names of an entire era of young scientists and followers of the Lviv School of Labor and Employment.

New geopolitical and economic challenges of regional research in the field of labor and employment are outlined. Is emphasized on high responsibility of followers of scientific school in achieving the goals of the European choice of Ukraine. Emphasized that the political and economic situation demonstrates a dramatic struggle of political labor and employment spheres. In the twentieth century in advanced economies establishes the ownership for knowledge, intellectual property is indicated. Since this factor is a change in the field of labor, along with it, new forms of organization (private, public, social, educational), the transition to a more rational model of social and labor relations is not just any other types of employment, but also existence of a mechanism of income. The perspectives of Lviv Scientific School of Labor and and employment in the light of the complex crisis that permeates the whole world since the late XX - early XXI centuries is critically assessed. The world is a new economic equilibrium, which makes the new role of Ukraine as well as its individual regions in its support through the use of skilled labor (the basis of economic modernization, the development of transport networks, communications) is specified.


employment, scientific school, work, region

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