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Teslyuk, R. T., Bil, M. M., Mahonyuk, O. V., & Baranyak, I. Y. (2014). Rehional'ni sotsial'no-ekonomichni doslidzhennya mihratsiynykh pytan': retrospektyva ta suchasni pidkhody [Regional social and economic research of migration problems: retrospective and modern approaches]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 73(3), 131-141. [in Ukrainian].
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In this article the scientists of the Institute of Regional Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine performed the retrospective review of elaborations on migration during the period of the market relations formation and gaining of independence by the country. The problems of dissertations that reveal the migration question are analyzed. The scientific investigation directions of the migration question on the basis of scientists’ achievements in defense of dissertations and results of publications in the Institute magazines are systematized. This enabled to establish that till 2010 research problems were focused mainly on causes and consequences of migration, its specificity in cross-border area, geospatial and globalization aspects, in particular as to population mobility in rural areas, problems of repatriation of different ethnic groups.

The special investigation themes were formed according to the studying fields of social and labor potential and labor market where migration determinants are characterized by high importance. Since 2009, it has been performed the general characteristics of modern trends of the migration issues study within the department of social and human development of the region.

It is generalized the main scientific achievements of the department in publications (edition of the collective monograph “Regional migration policy and mechanisms for its implementation”, reference books, collections of scientific works, etc.), an event with a discussion about migration issues (two international scientific conferences, round tables, seminars), applied testing research results at the level of government bodies of the national and local levels, including the state Migration Service of Ukraine. It is presented the main scientific research areas of the department through review of the research themes for the period 2009-2014 where migration issues took up a key position.

These fields are: conditions of migration processes with emphasis on environment multiculturalism in which they occur; migration determinants of social work organization; consequences of migration for development of the social and demographic potential of the region; system approach to the organization of migration processes in the context of sustainable development; system of social and economic security of migrant workers.

Objective concepts and terminology, including regional migration policy definitions, regional migration systems, social and labor systems, migration networks, human potential of a migrant, social security of a migrant and others were developed. Scientific research perspectives of migration issues that concentrate scientists’ attention on social and cultural migration consequences and their regulation possibilities within the country are defined.


migration, mobility, migration activity, repatriation, social and economic security of migrants, territorial migration system

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