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Benovska, L. Y. (2016). Problemy byudzhetnoho zabezpechennya osvity v konteksti detsentralizatsiyi upravlinnya [The problems of budgetary maintenance of education in the context of decentralization of management]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 79(1), 121-129. [in Ukrainian].
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The need for conducting the decentralization of education management is caused by low efficiency of spending of budgetary funds, excessive centralization and bureaucratization of management, lack of clear division of powers and responsibilities between authorities of different levels.
The aim of study is to clarify the main issues of financing the expenditures of the local budgets for education and searching of their solution ways in the context of conducting of management fiscal decentralization.
The following are the most important issues of budgetary provision of education, which require urgent solution: existence of unfounded network of educational institutions that does not meet the current demographic situation and contributes to inefficient use of state property and reduces the quality of services; absence of possibility to improve the material conditions of educational institutions by means of state and private investors; transition to financing of education with the help of educational grants is accompanied by unsettled financing process; redistribution of powers between the budgets of different levels is not supported by any appropriate changes of financial income to these budgets.
Solution of education funding problems in the context of conduction of decentralization in Ukraine should take place according to the following principles: decentralization in education should be carried out in the general context of the reforms of decentralization. In particular, the laws about change in territorial organization and the local government reform should be a basis for laws in particular areas;
The aim of changes should not only be a retrenchment of financial resources, but also a high quality of educational services for taxpayers and for the customers of these services; We should not expect an instant effect from the conduction of decentralization of education management, as it is a long process;
The need for a comprehensive approach, namely, the changes in school education have to be considered in a system of pre-school, extra-curricular, vocational education. Only a high quality in all three segments will provide a high level of university education;
The decentralization of education management should take place taking into account the peculiarities of the regions, their industrial potential, a demographic situation and interests of local communities.


local budgets, region, funding problems, education expenditures, management decentralization

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