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Journal Regional Economy -- re2016.02.007

Repository of Institute of Regional Research Repository of Vernadsky Library UDC 001.89:332.1, JEL B30
Shults, S. L. (2016). Shkola rehionalistyky M. I. Dolishn'oho: ideyni vytoky ta suchasni zdobutky [Regionalistics school of М. І. Dolishniy: ideological origins and modern achievements]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 80(2), 7-12. [in Ukrainian].
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The article highlights scientific achievements of М. І. Dolishniy in terms of forming of Lviv Regionalistics School. Wide spectrum of scientist’s scientific research is outlined, in particular in the sphere of forming of state regional policy legislative maintenance, strategic planning of regions’ socio-economic development, economic zoning and countries’ macroregionalization, conducting of administrative and territorial reform, structural reconstruction of regions’ economy and cross-border cooperation. Special attention is paid to active state-leading position over maintenance of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and understanding of important role of country’s scientific potential in implementation of necessary for the country’s economy reforms in terms of strengthening of European integration processes and globalization.Рубрика:


economic zoning, Lviv Regionalistics School, regional policy, socio-economic development, cross-border cooperation

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