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UDC [338.46:37.014.543]:332.1; JEL I22
Storonyanska, I. Z., & Benovska, L. Ya. (2017). Problemy funktsionuvannya osvitn'oyi merezhi ta shlyakhy yiyi konsolidatsiyi [Problems of functioning of education network and ways of its consolidation]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 85(3), 55-64. [in Ukrainian].
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The existing network of comprehensive educational institutions in Ukraine is geographically branched and is characterized by low efficiency; educational services are characterized by low quality, which requires taking measures for its consolidating.
The purpose of this article is to find out the main problems of functioning of education network and to build a mechanism for its consolidation.
The main factors of low efficiency of education network in Ukraine are: the demographic and financial crises in society, the imperfect legislative provision, the limited possibilities of the influence of the governing bodies on the formation of the educational network, outdated standard norms, which are aimed at quantitative indicators and do not take into account the volumes and quality of educational services provided and others.
The solution of the problems mentioned above requires the search for new approaches to the interaction of comprehensive educational institutions on the basis of the deployment of cooperation processes, integration, interaction, partnership, in order to effectively use material and technical, personnel, financial and managerial resources for ensuring equal access to qualitative education.
The main goal of consolidation of the educational network is the improvement of quality of educational services and the efficiency of the use of public funds. While conducting organizational transformations, it is important to take into account the interests of the three parties – the students (the quality of education, transportation of students to educational institution), teachers (employment, compensatory payments in case of dismissal, transportation to educational institution), local self-government bodies and state authorities (effective use of funds of state and local budgets).
The main principles, which should be followed while consolidating education network are: granting the priority to the quality of educational services; effective use of funds from the state and local budgets; financing of educational services based on the principle of "money walks for a pupil"; the transition to a public-state model of education management; professional orientation of high school; informational transparency.
A new approach to the solution of problem of school incompleteness is the creation of hub schools. At the same time, the process of their formation is new for society and is not fully coordinated, sufficiently organized, financially and legally secured.
The solution of the problems considered above requires an implementation of measures in the part of: revision of standard norms of the functioning of educational institutions in accordance with the requirements of time; determination of principles, selection procedure, territorial location and peculiarities of financing of hub institutions; improvement of the mechanism of financing educational institutions through educational subvention.

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