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Regional Economy

Pavlyshyn Oleksandra Pavlivna

Pavlyshyn Oleksandra Pavlivna

Ph.D. of Economics, Associate Professor

Associate Professor of the Department of banking of the Lviv Institute of the University of Banking




Repository of Institute of Regional Research Pavlyshyn, O. P. (2008). Vprovadzhennya innovatsiynykh tekhnolohiy kredytuvannya [Adoption of innovative technologies of crediting]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 49(3), 84-89. [in Ukrainian]. 

Foreign experience of documentary crediting practice and possibility of its realization in practice of national banks has been studied. Banking practice of its operations favors rational use of credit resources and reviving of business environment in the country. 
bank, documentary crediting, credit resources, bank guarantee 

Веб-майстер П. Попадюк