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Regional Economy

Stefanyuk Ihor Bohdanovych

Stefanyuk Ihor Bohdanovych

Ph.D. of Economics, Associate Professor, Honored Economist of Ukraine

Deputy Director of the Department for the Use of the State Budget Funds in the Regions of the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine



Repository of Institute of Regional Research Stefaniuk, I. B. (2011). Vzayemovidnosyny derzhavnoho i mistsevykh byudzhetiv Ukrayiny u 2010 r. [Mutual Relations State and Local Budgets of Ukraine in 2010]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 60(2), 103-114. [in Ukrainian]. 

By means of disclosing of existing types of interrelations between the state and local government the author described an objective necessity of conducting local budgeting external audit by the Accounting Chamber. 
local Government, public finances, mutual relations state and local budgets, internal and external audit 

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