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Journal Regional Economy -- re2008.03.049

Repository of Institute of Regional Research Repository of Vernadsky Library Vytvytsky, Ya. S. (2008). Rentoutvoryuyuchi faktory u sferi vydobuvannya nafty i hazu (na prykladi Zakhidnoho naftohazonosnoho rehionu Ukrayiny) [Rent Formative Factors in the Field of Oil and Gas Extraction (by the Example of the Western Oil-and-Gas-Bearing Region of Ukraine)]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 49(3), 49-56. [in Ukrainian].



Basic rent formative factors depending on which differentiation of the rent payments must be carried out at the oil and gas extraction have been grounded. Their detailed description has been given, the methods of the quantitative measuring, and also methodology of determination of rate of the rent payments, is taking into account these factors on any deposit of oil and gas, have been elaborated.


oil and gas extraction, rent formative factors, differentiation, rent payments

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