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Ethical Norms

Ethical norms of publications in scientific-practical journal «Regional Economy»

The journal «Regional Economy» is disseminated upon prepayment for printed version. The Journal website provides free access to extended abstracts of each article. Free access to full versions of articles of the Journal is possible on the Journal’s website in a month after their publication and on the website of Vernadsky National Library with 6 months time lag.

Principles of Professional Ethics in the Work of Editorial Board

The Activity of the Journal is based on ethical norms and recommendations, published on the website www.publicationethics.orgcope (Committee on Publishing Ethics), according to which:

  • on the basis of a common approach to examinations, the Editorial Board is solely responsible for the content and quality of published material;
  • decision on acceptance of articles for publication is based on objective arguments: the originality of the text, the scientific relevance, the novelty of the material, the reliability of the statistical data and the results of the research, articles relevance to the profile of the Journal;
  • editorial staff is solely responsible and has the authorities to reject or to accept an article for publication and should not have a conflict of interests with the materials that are rejected or accepted for publication;
  • editorial staff must be convinced that all materials published in the Journal or all research papers correspond to internationally accepted ethical standards;
  • editorial staff continuously monitors the maintenance of ethical and articles selection standards by the Journal employees and reviewers;
  • editorial staff ensures the confidentiality of materials submitted to the editor till the moment of their publication;
  • editorial staff is constantly working to improve the operation of the Journal;
  • editorial staff is ready to publish corrections of texts and notes to them, as well as a retraction and apology, if necessary;
  • editorial staff ensures the anonymity of reviewers and independence of quality of the publication from commercial interests; is strives that adverts or other commercial interests not influence the editorial decisions;
  • editorial staff constantly updates instructions for authors on various issues related to the terms and conditions of publications of their research results in the Journal.

Ethical principles in a reviewer’s activity

A reviewer provides impartial professional reviewing of an article accepted for consideration, adhering to the following principles:

  • reviewer makes fair and impartial decisions that are independent of commercial interests, and organizes the process of objective review;
  • reviewer keeps to the terms of reviewing articles and privacy assessments;
  • reviewer protects the confidentiality of articles’ reviews;
  • reviewers are responsible for the materials published in the Journal, which were reviewed by them;
  • reviewers formulate an objective and impartial review and if it is necessary, they confirm their opinion, citing a source. The criticism of an author is unacceptable;
  • in case if a reviewer finds incorrect, erroneous statements or corrupted data, he informs the author for eliminating of  the violations and for reporting about it to the editors in the prescribed manner;
  • reviewers provide the authors’ awareness of the requirements to the research submitted for publication;
  • reviewers are in constant contact through the editors with the authors on the relevance of published materials, accuracy and originality of the reported data;
  • if a reviewer deems to not have enough qualification to evaluate the manuscript or if a reviewer cannot be objective, for example due to conflict of interests with an author, the editor should be notified about it with a request to be excluded from the reviewing of the article.

Principles to be adhered to by the authors of the articles

An author should understand the responsibility for the novelty and accuracy of the results of scientific research, adhering to the following principles:

  • to submit to the editorial board the original works, avoiding unfair citation, false data and parallel publications in other issues;
  • to stick to the generally accepted standards of scientific reports;
  • to provide access to the data they received and confirm the sources of their data. Citations should be properly formalized. Contributions of other scientists to the issue under examination should be unconditionally outlined and referred to;
  • to avoid the conflict of interests situation and to correct the mistakes and inaccuracies committed in the published works, if necessary;
  • to follow the general requirements of the editorial staff to publications to keep their relevance to international publishing standards;
  • in case of incorrect, erroneous statements or false data in publications, the author should quickly resolve these violations and notify the editorial board in the prescribed manner;
  • the authors have the right to appeal against the decision of the editorial staff in case of refusal to publish the presented material.

The text, tables, graphical material, formulas of articles are protected by copyright. Reprint and translation of articles is allowed upon the consent of the author and editorial board of the journal «Regional Economy».

The author of an article bears responsibility for reliability of facts, citations, names, geographical names, names of enterprises, organizations, institutions and other information.

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