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Shchehlyuk, S. D. (2015). Elektronne uryaduvannya yak instrument modernizatsiyi derzhavnoho upravlinnya mis'kym rozvytkom [E-government as a tool for modernizing public administration urban development]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 76(2), 44-54. [in Ukrainian].
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The modernization of state management of urban development provides an administrative decentralization of empowerment and authority to cities, and a new level of integration of government, business and the public, which is possible with the implementation of e-government tools. At local level, the practice of e-governance is implemented primarily in big cities – regional centers. Such cities are regional metropolises for their regions through the implementation of metropolitan functions, especially organizational and management, which is based on the coordination and management of critical for society activities in social, economic and political spheres. The management component of metropolitan function is implemented through the activities of state and local authorities through the adoption of a number of important political and administrative decisions. Application of e-government in the metropolitan cities is updated by the demand of society to improve the access to administrative services for residents, improving their quality, and therefore this is a feature of the public society. The purpose of the publication is to analyze the level of implementation of e-government in practice of local authorities and public administration at the regional centers of the Western Ukraine and to determine its impact on the level of implementation of organizational and management metropolitan functions based on evaluation of external attributes of e-governance. Modern information and communication infrastructure, introduced in most metropolitan spheres of life, makes it attractive for economic agents, generates pulses for business development, encourages human capital, which in turn generates its competitive advantages over other metropolises, which are included into metropolitan network. The monitoring of implementation into practice of municipal e-government tools (official content of sites, implementation of electronic documents and providing of administrative services) in the cities of Ukraine is carried out by national and international NGOs. Methods of their estimation mainly differ in the number of indicators and results include subjectivity due to the lack of elaborated national standards for the provision of electronic services. The review of monitoring results of evaluation of tools of e-government in 2014 showed that among the regional centers in western Ukraine Lviv city is the leader. The city actively provides e-government and reached certain advantages in Ukraine, which is evidenced by the introduction of the online portal ‘Inhabitant’s private office’ that provides online access to administrative services through inhabitant’s electronic identification. The imbalances between the level of implementation of e-government in regional metropolis and the level of implementation of organizational and management functions of metropolis confirms the necessity of working-out individual measures, instruments to stimulate implementation of e-government for each metropolis on the basis of compliance with state standards. The development of e-governance in regional metropolises of Western Ukraine calls for coordinated organizational and technological measures and coordinated actions of state and local government under unified state policy that involves unification, systematization and standardization of administrative services.


regional metropolitan, organizational and management function of metropolitan, e-government, modernization, administrative services, monitoring

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