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Regional Economy

Zhezhukha Volodymyr Yosypovych

Zhezhukha Volodymyr Yosypovych

Ph.D. of Economics, Associate Professor

Associate Professor of the Department of management and social sciences of the Lviv Institute of the University of Banking




Hryhorenko Olena Vasylivna

Maslak Oleksandr Oleksandrovych

Stasyuk Nazar Romanovych


Repository of Institute of Regional Research Maslak, O. O., Stasyuk, N. R., & Zhezhukha, V. Yo. (2009). Rehional'ni aspekty otsinyuvannya investytsiynoyi pryvablyvosti yak chynnyka stymulyuvannya innovatsiynoyi diyal'nosti [The Regional Aspects of Evaluation of Investment Attractiveness as a Factor of Stimulation of Innovative Activity]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 53(3), 264 p. [in Ukrainian]. 

The features of evaluation of investment attractiveness of the regions as a factor of stimulation of innovative activity have been elucidated, factors which are necessary to take into account by investors during realization of such estimation have been presented. Changes in the field of investment policy, which will result in growth of volumes of investments into a regional economy have been offered. 
investment attractiveness, investors, investing, investment program, innovative activity, evaluation, stimulation 

Repository of Institute of Regional Research UDC 334.716:330.341.1:332.1
Maslak, O. O., Zhezhukha, V. Yo., & Hryhorenko, O. V. (2008). Osnovni problemy innovatsiynoyi diyal'nosti promyslovykh pidpryyemstv rehionu [Main Problems of Innovative Activity of Machine-Building Enterprises in the Region]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 48(2), 261-269. [in Ukrainian].

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Basic problems are selected which emerge at the domestic machine-building enterprises of the region in the process of innovative activity have been singled out. The classification of innovative activity at machine-building enterprises has been specified. Peculiarities of innovative projects of enterprises of the region have been singled out. 
innovative activity, innovative projects, machine-building enterprises 

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