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Journal Regional Economy -- re2010.03.046

Repository of Institute of Regional Research Repository of Vernadsky Library Malska, M. P. (2010). Orhanizatsiyno-ekonomichni zasady upravlinnya rozvytkom prostorovykh system posluh [Organizational-Economic Management Principles of Development of the Spatial Systems of Services]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 57(3), 46-53. [in Ukrainian].



The problems of forming and functioning of spatial system of services, and also creation of reasonable control system by these processes on state and regional levels in Ukraine are investigated in the conditions of globalization, regionalization, innovative development and postindustrial transformation, social oriented of national economy. The author determined strategic aims of development management of spatial system of services and the mechanisms of their achievement are specified on macro-, mezo- and local levels. Considerable attention is spared to approaches of improvement of spatial planning system which determined as fundamental mechanism of providing of efficiency and balanced development of spatial system of services.


services, spatial system of services, management of development of spatial system of services

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