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Klyoba, S. M. (2018). Sotsial'no-ekonomichna sutnist' kryteriyiv konkurentospromozhnosti ob’yednanykh terytorial'nykh hromad [Socio economic essence of criterion of competitiveness of the united territorial communities]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 89 (3), 36-43. Retrieved from [in Ukrainian].
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Klyoba Solomiya Mykhaylivna

Postgraduate of the Department of regional economic policy of the Dolishniy Institute of Regional Research of NAS of Ukraine




The article reveals the economic essence of the united territorial communities’ competitiveness. The relationship between the concepts of “quality” and “competitiveness” is considered. The model of strengthening the competitiveness of the united territorial communities is substantiated. The main factors hindering the development of the united territorial communities’ competitiveness are considered. The realization efficiency of the complex of tasks of combined territorial communities’ competitiveness development is investigated. The urgency and necessity of increasing the competitiveness and attractiveness of the united territorial communities in order to create favourable socio-economic climate for entrepreneurs, investors, residents and to gain advantages both on the domestic and foreign markets is substantiated. Based on the research of theoretical aspects of competitiveness, the main elements of the united territorial communities’ competitiveness were established, features of the formation of the competitive advantage of the region at different stages of economic development were investigated. It is concluded that in order to increase the competitiveness of the united territorial communities, it is necessary to form a holistic mechanism for managing the socio-economic, intellectual, natural potential of the united territorial communities, operating with the support of state programs at the local and state level. Competitiveness is the process of making strategic decisions on the choice of alternatives that are formed by comparing the existing potential of a specific region with the opportunities and threats of its external environment, as well as with global changes in the environment. Its essence is manifested in the formation and implementation of a modern concept of highly effective management on an innovative basis, adjusted by constant monitoring of internal and external changes, an assessment of the main parameters of the functioning and development of the region. The competitiveness of the united territorial communities is a multi-faceted category, which reflects a set of comparative advantages in various fields, the combination of which forms stable positions in a particular market or in certain spheres over a given period of time.


competition, competitiveness of united territorial communities, decentralization, region


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