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Regional Economy

Butusov Oleksandr Dmytrovych

Butusov Oleksandr Dmytrovych

Ph.D. of Economics

Postgraduate of the Department of enterprise economics of the Faculty of Economics of the Uzhhorod National University; Senior Lecturer of the Department of finance, economics and information technology of the Augustine Voloshyn Carpathian University




Bondarenko Viktoriya Mykhaylivna

Derdi Emma Tiberiyivna

Kurey Oksana Andriyivna


Repository of Dolishniy Institute of Regional Research UDC 332.146.2:339.137:001.891.7; JEL R58, P25, M38
Bondarenko, V. M., Kurey, O. A., Derdi, E. T., & Butusov, O. D. (2020). Monitorynh konkurentospromozhnosti rehionu yak mekhanizm realizatsiyi derzhavnoyi rehional'noyi polityky [Monitoring of a region’s competitiveness as a mechanism of a state regional policy implementation]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 96 (2), 33-43. DOI: [in Ukrainian].

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The latest trends in the analysis of socio-economic development, as opposed to taking into account the globalization processes impact, put more emphasis on the trends of regionalization at the interstate level. The understanding of the fact that not only states and enterprises but also individual regions are competing makes it possible to realize clearly the ultimate goal of the overall transformation of large economic systems which are designed to form, on the one hand, the most organic conditions for the development of individual regions and territories, and on the other, to take into account the prospects of regions’ involvement in the state regional policy implementation based on the results of their competitiveness monitoring. The article aims to formulate the essence of competitiveness monitoring by measuring and systematizing the author’s approaches to the interpretation of this term and assessment of information level and regulatory support for regions’ competitiveness monitoring in practice. The article systematizes information and regulatory support for monitoring competitiveness in Ukraine. The approaches to monitoring the competitiveness of regions and its functions are grouped; the features of problem-oriented monitoring of competitiveness are considered; a system for monitoring the implementation of state regional policy and its components is outlined; the principles of monitoring the competitiveness of the region are determined. The conclusion is made about the dynamism and changeability of the regional competitiveness phenomenon under the influence of factors of the changing development environment. It, in turn, makes it necessary to clarify the list of indicators that are determined in the process of the regions’ competitiveness monitoring, the systematic nature of the monitoring itself, and further consideration of its results in the state regional policy implementation. 
monitoring, region, competitiveness, regional policy 

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