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Regional Economy

Muzyka Iryna Stanislavivna

Muzyka Iryna Stanislavivna

Ph.D. of Economics

Researcher of the Department of regional financial policy of the Dolishniy Institute of Regional Research of NAS of Ukraine

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Kozoriz Mariya Andriyivna


Repository of Institute of Regional Research UDC 332:336.77:336.712
Muzyka, I. S. (2015). Loans of regional economy: issues, trends, directions of activation. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 75(1), 96-103.

Sources: 4

On the basis of the conducted research of concentration of the resource base of domestic commercial banks it is identified the existence of six financial centers in Ukraine, which formed during the period of the study about 90% of the banking infrastructure of the country. The structure of credit and investment portfolio of commercial banks in the section of the determined financial cents and in the section of the entities of attraction is analyzed. The attention is paid to the problems of inter-regional differentiation by indicators that characterize the lending of entities of the economics of Ukraine. It is proved that we can not completely positively evaluate a fact that a maximization of credit investments in the real economy allows to maximize economic effects which as a result of such infusions may occur. Based on this statement it is identified that the efficiency of lending must be determined through the growth of GRP, which is caused by attraction to the economics credit resources. It is calculated the share of GRP, which was created as a result of attraction by entities of the economics of the regions of the country the resources. The results allowed to state an insignificance of such effect. On the basis of the conducted research is suggested a number of direction of solution of the existing problems which were grouped on the basis of organization of interaction and interplay of the three main levels: national, regional and local. 
lending, banks, region, disproportions, regional development 

Repository of Institute of Regional Research UDC 336:[338.45:61](477.83)
Muzyka, I. S. (2014). Byudzhetne zabezpechennya haluzi okhorony zdorov’ya: stan ta problemy (na prykladi L'vivs'koyi oblasti) [Budget support of health care: state and problems (on the example of Lviv region)]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 71(1), 111-120. [in Ukrainian].

Sources: 5

The analysis of state budget funding is conducted and fundamental problems of financing health care by the example of Lviv region are indicated. The state and trends of expenditures by functional and economic classification of budget expenditures are investigated. The network of health facilities and its hospital beds network are analyzed. The main problems of health financing is defined. 
budget expenditures, health care industry, financing of industry, local budgets 

Repository of Institute of Regional Research UDC 336.77:330.131(477.8)
Muzyka, I. S. (2013). Osoblyvosti kredytnoho zabezpechennya rozvytku Karpats'koho rehionu Ukrayiny [Peculiarities of Credit Maintenance Development in the Carpathian Region of Ukraine]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 70(4), 24-32. [in Ukrainian].

Sources: 3

The analysis of the state and trends in credit maintenance regions of the Carpathian macro-region. Defined dynamics of indicators for characterizing the resource base of commercial banks in the region in general and in terms of the regions that are part of it. The basic problems of region providing by bank credit are defined. 
macroregion, banking system, banks, resource base, credit maintenance 

Repository of Institute of Regional Research UDC 336.77:332.1
Kozoriz, M. A., & Muzika, I. S. (2012). Mekhanizm upravlinnya kredytnym potentsialom rehionu [Mechanism of Management of Region’s Credit Potential]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 63(1), 98-106. [in Ukrainian].

Sources: 4

The level of region’s provision with credit resources is calculated. The model of region’s credit potential reproduction is developed and the mechanism of its credit potential management is offered. 
credit potential, region, management levels, model of reproduction, management mechanism 

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