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Kozoriz Mariya Andriyivna

Kozoriz Mariya Andriyivna

Doctor of Economics, Professor

Leading Researcher of the Department of regional financial policy of the Dolishniy Institute of Regional Research of NAS of Ukraine




Benovs'ka Liliya Yaroslavivna

Voznyak Halyna Vasylivna

Kalynets' Kateryna Serhiyivna

Klyuchnyk Liliya Vasylivna

Lys Ihor Mykhaylovych

Muzyka Iryna Stanislavivna

Pushak Yaroslav Yaroslavovych

Storonyans'ka Iryna Zenoviyivna


Repository of Institute of Regional Research UDC 336:332.122:330.3
Kozoriz, M. A., & Storonyanska, I. Z. (2014). Stratehichni imperatyvy upravlinnya finansamy rehionu [Strategic imperatives of financial management in the region]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 73(3), 192-204. [in Ukrainian].

Sources: 10

This article provides justification of theoretical approaches to the isolation of such categories as «finance of the region» and the definition of its purpose in ensuring the effective functioning of the Regions; determination of potential and real opportunities in the region to ensure their socio-economic development based on the sustainable use of its own financial resources; a critical analysis of existing mechanisms to present financial management regions and identify the causes of low efficiency is presented; new directions to ensure effective financial management regions based on consideration of changes and opportunities created under the influence of intensification of integration processes in Ukraine and in the world economy is justified.

Finances of regions is regarded as part of local finances (according to the structure of the financial system of Ukraine) and are a system of economic relations on the creation, use and distribution of financial resources between economic agents within a region in order to ensure its current functioning and development.

Feature of authors methodological approach to the study of finance in the region are laying their foundation and giving priority to the financial potential of the region formed over financial resources, allowing to expand the horizons of research by finances of the region, including their structure, along with the available financial resources of potential component, included along with budget potential financial capacity of the region, which is formed in the sectors of financial and non-financial corporations, households.

We prove the illegality of the use of a total approach to the implementation of national regional policy and its organization according to individual, selective approach to ensuring development of regions, due to the significant differentiation of regions of Ukraine in terms of financial and economic capacity and a set of other objective factors. Thus, the magnitude of the financial potential of the region has become an integral factor, to which should form the frame of financial relations between the state and the regions that will increase the responsibility of local authorities for the rational of formation, usage and accumulation of endogenous financial potential. 

regional finance, local budgets, management, regional financial system 

Repository of Institute of Regional Research UDC 330.567.28:336
Kozoriz, M. A., & Klyuchnyk, L. V. (2014). Finansovi resursy domashnikh hospodarstv: problemy formuvannya i vykorystannya [Financial resources of households: problems of formation and use]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 71(1), 94-103. [in Ukrainian].

Sources: 5

The problems of households’ development in Ukraine, especially the features of formation of the financial relations of households with other market economy actors are considered in the article. The main attention is paid to the investigation of the sources of households’ financial resources formation as well as to the substantiation of the directions of its use efficiency improvement in terms of the owners’ and national economy interests. 
financial resources, households, incomes, expenses, savings 

Repository of Institute of Regional Research UDC 332.142:316.422(477)
Kozoriz, M. A. (2013). Napryamy modernizatsiyi mekhanizmiv realizatsiyi derzhavnoyi polityky rehional'noho rozvytku v Ukrayini [Directions of Modernization of the Mechanisms of Regional Development Public Policy Realization in Ukraine]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 68(2), 52-61. [in Ukrainian].

Sources: 16

On the basis of research of reasons hampering the introduction of regional development public policy in Ukraine the directions of modernization of the mechanisms directed at providing of its realization in practice of economy are defined. Basic attention is paid to substantiation of the expedience of modernization of the regional development public policy realization mechanisms on the basis of the individual approach to determination of resource possibilities of every concrete region. 
public policy, regional development, resources of region, mechanisms of realization of regional development public policy 

Repository of Institute of Regional Research UDC 336.77:332.1
Kozoriz, M. A., & Muzika, I. S. (2012). Mekhanizm upravlinnya kredytnym potentsialom rehionu [Mechanism of Management of Region’s Credit Potential]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 63(1), 98-106. [in Ukrainian].

Sources: 4

The level of region’s provision with credit resources is calculated. The model of region’s credit potential reproduction is developed and the mechanism of its credit potential management is offered. 
credit potential, region, management levels, model of reproduction, management mechanism 

Repository of Institute of Regional Research Kozoriz, M. A., & Pushak, Ya. Ya. (2011). Metodychnyy pidkhid do otsinky byudzhetnoho potentsialu rehionu [Methodological Approach to Regional Budgetary Capacity Evaluation]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 61(3), 61-69. [in Ukrainian]. 

A synthesis of different approaches to understanding the concept of «budgetary capacity of the region» is conducted. Its structural components are presented as following: budgetary capacity, which forms the revenues component of regional budget, budgetary capacity, which provides revenues for state budget, and reserve capacity that is unused as for now, however, it may be involved in the process of providing regional and state budget with revenues in the future. Methodical approach to monitoring the budgetary potential of the region is proposed. Comparative assessment of the reserve budgetary potentials of the Western regions of Ukraine is conducted. Main reserves, the use of which would significantly increase the budgetary revenue maintenance at different levels, are defined. 
budgetary capacity, region, gross regional product, budgetary revenue reserves 

Repository of Institute of Regional Research Kozoriz, M. A., & Wozniak, H. V. (2010). Kapitalizatsiya rehional'nykh aktyviv [Capitalization of Regional Assets]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 55(1), 251-253. [in Ukrainian].

Repository of Institute of Regional Research Kozoriz, M. A., & Lys, I. M. (2009). Osnovni napryamy pidvyshchennya rivnya kapitalizatsiyi i likvidnosti bankivs'kykh ustanov [Basic Trends of Increase of the Level of Capitalization and Liquidity of Bank Institutions]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 52(2), 256 p. [in Ukrainian]. 

The basic problems of development of the banking system of Ukraine related to the necessity of the providing of transparent and stable activity of banks in relation to the increase of level of their capitalization and liquidity maintenance on the basis on the risk management development and the banking system consolidation have been elucidated. 
proper capital, regulatory capital, liquidity, capitalization, profit 

Repository of Institute of Regional Research Kozoriz, M. A., & Benovska, L. Ya. (2009). Obgruntuvannya napryamiv pidvyshchennya kapitalizatsiyi innovatsiyno aktyvnykh pidpryyemstv Ukrayiny [The Substantiation of Trends of Increasing the Capitalization of Innovatively Active Enterprises of Ukraine]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 51(1), 272 p. [in Ukrainian]. 

The basic trends of increase of capitalization of innovatively active enterprises have been determined. Ways of increase of real and market capitalization of enterprises have been substantiated. Features of government regulation of capitalization of innovatively active enterprises in Ukraine have been considered. To raise real capitalization of innovatively active enterprises has been offered by improvement of a finance administration by the enterprise, increase of its efficiency of economic, innovative activity. To provide increase of market capitalization it is necessary through an exit of the enterprises on the markets of the capital and organizational-economic transformations. 
capitalization, innovatively active enterprises, government regulation 

Repository of Institute of Regional Research Kozoriz, M. A., & Kalynets, K. S. (2008). Kapitalizatsiya fondovykh birzh Ukrayiny: osoblyvosti ta problemy [Stock Exchange Capitalization in Ukraine: Peculiarities and Problems]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 50(4), 157-162. [in Ukrainian]. 

The necessity of existence of stock exchange is examined as the economic category. Economic essence of capitalization of stock exchange as an important index of business activity of the country is analysed. The comparative analysis of activity of stock exchanges is conducted in the countries with the formed markets (Ukraine, Hungary, Chechnya, Poland). On the basis of the conducted analysis features and problems of the development of stock exchanges in Ukraine, and also factors, influencing capitalization of stock exchanges and features of their manifestation have been determined. The complex of measures concerning the increase of the level of capitalization of the Ukrainian stock exchanges has been elaborated. 
stock exchange, capitalization, peculiarities of stock exchange capitalization, analysis of capitalization, problems of stock exchange capitalization, measures concerning increase of the level of stock exchange capitalization 


Kozoriz, M. A., Kuznyetsova, A. Ya., Storonyanska, I. Z., & Voznyak, H. V. (2010). Finansy rehionu: teoriya, problemy, praktyka [Finances of the region: theory, problems, practice]. Kyiv: UBS NBU. [in Ukrainian]. {re2019.02.036.004}

Storonyanska, I. Z., Kozoriz, M. A., Davymuka, S. A., & Voznyak, H. V., et al. (2013). Upravlinnya finansovymy resursamy’ mistsevykh byudzhetiv L’vivshhyny: problemy ta napryamy pidvyshchennya efektyvnosti [Management of the analyzed resources of local budgetary structures in Lviv region: problems and directions of increase of efficiency]: Scientific report. Lviv: IRR NASU. [in Ukrainian]. {re2019.03.088.003}

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