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Regional Economy

Pushak Yaroslav Yaroslavovych

Pushak Yaroslav Yaroslavovych

Doctor of Economics, Professor

Head of the Department of economics and economic security of the Lviv State University of Internal Affairs




Heorhiadi Nelli Heorhiyivna

Knyaz' Svyatoslav Volodymyrovych

Kozoriz Mariya Andriyivna


Repository of Institute of Regional Research Kozoriz, M. A., & Pushak, Ya. Ya. (2011). Metodychnyy pidkhid do otsinky byudzhetnoho potentsialu rehionu [Methodological Approach to Regional Budgetary Capacity Evaluation]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 61(3), 61-69. [in Ukrainian]. 

A synthesis of different approaches to understanding the concept of «budgetary capacity of the region» is conducted. Its structural components are presented as following: budgetary capacity, which forms the revenues component of regional budget, budgetary capacity, which provides revenues for state budget, and reserve capacity that is unused as for now, however, it may be involved in the process of providing regional and state budget with revenues in the future. Methodical approach to monitoring the budgetary potential of the region is proposed. Comparative assessment of the reserve budgetary potentials of the Western regions of Ukraine is conducted. Main reserves, the use of which would significantly increase the budgetary revenue maintenance at different levels, are defined. 
budgetary capacity, region, gross regional product, budgetary revenue reserves 

Repository of Institute of Regional Research Pushak, Ya. Ya., Kniaz, S. V., & Georhiadi, N. G. (2011). Rehional'ni aspekty innovatsiynoho rozvytku pidpryyemstv [Regional Aspects of Innovative Development of Enterprises]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 59(1), 47-55. [in Ukrainian]. 

Author’s interpretation of the concept «regional transfer potential» is presented and the essence of innovative development as the function and object of transfer potential is exposed. The fact that authentication of innovative development models should be carried out on the basis of determination of the heuristic systems development level of enterprises management and by the level of their comprisal of all the stages of innovative process is substantiated as well as the fact that the transfer potential management is based on exploitation of intellectual property as the mechanism of economic interests realization by these systems’ entities. The lack of functioning efficiency of this instrument in Ukraine, which is proven by substantial break in the amount of the issued protective documents and the amount of the introduced innovations, is stressed. Inefficiency of this mechanism in Ukraine to a certain extent influences the fact that the innovative development is practically unconnected with the transfer of investment resources. 
transfer, innovation, potential, development 

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