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Prokopiuk Aleksander

Prokopiuk Aleksander

Doctor of Economics

Rector of the Bialystok School of Economics (Poland)




Storonyans'ka Iryna Zenoviyivna


Repository of Institute of Regional Research UDC 339.923:061.1(438)(477); JEL C50, E27, F43, O18, O52, R58
Storonyanska, I. Z., & Prokopiuk, A. (2018). Formuvannya novoyi modeli rehional'noho rozvytku: dosvid Pol'shchi ta vektory dlya Ukrayiny [The new model of regional development: Polish experience and vectors for Ukraine]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 88 (2), 89-97. Retrieved from [in Ukrainian].

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Process of structural transformation of the regional economy and conceptual bases of working out of regional policy of structural modernization of economy under conditions of European integration processes is researched. It is based on imperatives of smart specialization. Comparative analysis of the effectiveness of structural transformation of Polish and Ukrainian regions under conditions of European integration revealed that the structure of the regional economy of Ukraine is close to the structure of the Polish economy.The matrix of market drivers and growth factors of selected groups of sectors of economic of Ukraine on the criteria of competitiveness and innovation (tech industry, services, mass production, manufacturing and production of goods and services that do not participate in global trade, but are important for the formation of regional and local markets) is proposed. Formation of the matrix can determine optimal mechanisms for regional policy structural modernization of the economy to improve competitiveness of certain sectors of the economy of Ukraine in conditions of intensifying of integration processes. 
structural transformation, regional policy of structural modernization, structure of the regional economy, smart specialization, new industrialization 

Repository of Institute of Regional Research UDC 332.1:330.341.4:316.422(438); JEL O20, O38
Prokopiuk, A. (2017). Prohramni instrumenty strukturnoyi modernizatsiyi ekonomiky rehionu: dosvid Skhidnoyi Pol'shchi [Program instruments of regional economy structural modernization: the Eastern Poland experience]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 83(1), 82-89. [in Ukrainian].

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The fact that regional structural policy is one of the decisive factors of overcoming the existing structural disproportions and maintenance of sustainable economic growth is emphasized. Considering the efficiency of structural processes in Polish economy, the article aims to examine the mechanisms of regional structural policy implementation at the meso-level in order to develop recommendations for Ukraine in terms of implementation of the best examples of Polish experience in this sphere.
Special attention is paid to the fact that program instruments directed at the development of entire macro-regions are in the basis of regional structural policy implementation in Poland. The programs of Eastern Poland development are successful examples of this approach application, in particular the special operational program «Development of Eastern Poland» elaborated for 2007-2013 and 2014-2020. The major objective of the Program is to accelerate the paces of Eastern Poland socio-economic development on the basis of sustainable and well-planned development through active investment into major economic powers. The Program is directed at implementation of the following tasks in the second period: promotion of research in the sphere of technological innovations; competitive ability strengthening of small and medium enterprises, agrarian sector and fishing and aquaculture; maintenance of transition to low-carbon economy in all spheres of economy; promotion of transport and infrastructure sustainable development.
Conducted research showed that the implementation of the Program had contributed to the growth of competitive ability level in the Eastern Poland during recent years, even comparing with the EU indicators. At the same time, European Funds and not the Polish government remained to be the major donor of regional Policy development in Poland, in particular ERDF and Cohession Fund. This testifies to the EU interest in establishment of economic life at the Eastern EU surroundings and creation of powerful infrastructural basis there (transport, engineering, innovation, information), which can become some sort of economic border maintaining EU economic security. 
structural transformation of economy, region, regional structural policy, structural modernization instruments, program 

Repository of Institute of Regional Research UDC 330.341.42:332.146.2, JEL R13
Prokopiuk, A. (2016). Haluzevi strukturni zrushennya yak chynnyk ekonomichnoho zrostannya rehionu [Sectoral structural shifts as the factor of region’s economic growth]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 81(3), 55-62. [in Ukrainian].

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At current stage of social and economic changes that took place both at a world scale and at a scale of country and region the improvement of economic structure is one of the most important priorities of economy development strategy. Sectoral structure not only is the independent factor of influence on economic growth, but it also directly defines the nature of economic development of state regions. Competitive ability of national economy in modern globalized world directly depends on which sectors prevail in the structure of regions’ economy, which sources and factors are used in production and what place a certain individual takes in economic relations.
The article aims to research theoretical views over the analysis of sectoral shifts in order to define major factors of influence on economic growth of the region.
The article analyses basic historical and evolutional stages of development of theoretical views over sectoral structural shifts in order to define major factors of influence on economic growth of the region. The issue of forming of region’s sectoral structure is outlined and the role and meaning of sectoral shifts in the mentioned processes are defined. The article proves that poor detachment of notions ‘regional sectoral shifts’ and ‘regional sectoral changes’ is the weak link of economic research. The issues of peculiarities of sectoral shifts in the economy of regions remain to be poorly examined. The article defines that competitive ability of branches is the major factor of regions’ economic growth. It is outlined that evolution of theoretical views over the problem of sectoral structural shifts allowed achievement of considerable progress in the analysis and evaluation of structural processes in the economy and policy forming in order to regulate condition of certain branches. 
sector, sectoral structure, region, regional economy, sectoral structural shifts 

Repository of Institute of Regional Research UDC 332.1.002.645:330.341.4;JELR13
Prokopiuk, A. (2016). Model of regional development on the basis of structural transformations. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 79(1), 32-38.

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The research continues debates about finding a new model of regional development in Ukraine. Main principles of formation of a new model of regional development through structural transformations are presented. The paper concludes conclusions about erosion of the principles of solidarity and subsidiarity in regional policy; construction of a dual regional doctrine, based on the combined concepts of alignment of regional development and the development of «growth poles» is proposed; the necessity of reforming the political model as a requirement of effectiveness of regional development policy is proved. At the current stage of development of Ukraine a number of issues related to the formation of structural policies remains unresolved and disputed Among them we can highlight algorithm of forming and implementation issues, the role of government in structural adaptations regulation, combination of stabilization measures and structural policies to enhance economic growth potential. 
principles, spatial economy, regional policy, structural policy, disparity of economy, economic growth 


Prokopiuk, A. (2016). Strukturni transformatsiyi ekonomiky rehioniv v umovakh yevrointehratsiyi: dosvid Pol’shchi ta perspektyvy yoho vykorystannya v Ukrayini [Structural Transformations of the Region’s Economy under European Integration: Polish Experience and Prospects for Its Use in Ukraine]. Lviv: Dolishniy Institute of Regional Research of NAS of Ukraine. {re2018.02.089.007}

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