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Semiv Andriy Romanovych

Semiv Andriy Romanovych

Ph.D. of Philology, Associate Professor

Academic Secretary of the University of Banking




Semiv Lyubov Kazymyrivna


Repository of Institute of Regional Research UDC 338.46:37(477); JEL O14, F29
Semiv, L. K., & Semiv, A. R. (2018). Suchasnyy etap formuvannya ekonomiky znan' v Ukrayini [The modern stage of the knowledge economy formation in Ukraine]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 88 (2), 44-54. Retrieved from [in Ukrainian].

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The preconditions for the formation of the knowledge economy by indicators, which reflect the development of the sector of increased demand for knowledge in Ukraine, are studied. The peculiarities of attracting knowledge factors into the Ukrainian economy are drawn in the context of separate indicators of the development level of the increased demand for knowledge sector (development of high-tech sector, investment in the knowledge sector, employment in the field of science and high technologies, volume and structure of venture capital, participation of private capital in R & D funding, R & D expenditure structure according to the stages of scientific research, cross-country flows of knowledge, as well as international cooperation in the field of science and innovations, strengthening of cooperation between firms we research organizations and universities, the mobility of scientists and engineers, especially students who go to study in other countries, etc.). The analysis of the attraction and use of knowledge factors in the Ukrainian economy (based on certain indicators of the level of development of the sector of increased demand for knowledge) showed a multifaceted and, in some cases, a disappointing picture of processes and phenomena in the field of innovative development of the country in recent years. The analysis of the calculated parameters of economic and statistical models of the knowledge factors’ influence on labor productivity in the period after 2008 with its complex political and socio-economic problems and events is made. The results of calculations provide that the best model of economic development of Ukraine is uncertain today. There is no clear strategy for using and developing the country’s scientific and technical potential; unformed legislative field for the effective functioning of national and regional innovation systems. Solving problems requires the following subsystems of the national innovation system: generation of new knowledge (academic, higher education); education and training; production of products and services; innovation infrastructure. 
knowledge economy, factors of knowledge, OECD indicators, economic and statistical models, labour productivity, national innovative system 

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