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Popadynets, N. M., Halachenko, O. O., & Danylo, Ya. I. (2023). Turystychno-rekreatsiyna diyal'nist': ekoloho-ekonomichni aspekty [Tourist and recreational activities: ecological and economic aspects]. Rehional'na ekonomika - Regional Economy, 108 (2), 117-124. DOI: [in Ukrainian].
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Popadynets Nazariy Mykolayovych

Doctor of Economics, Senior Researcher

Senior Researcher of the Department of regional economic policy of the Dolishniy Institute of Regional Research of NAS of Ukraine; Associate Professor, Deputy Director for Scientific and Pedagogical Work of the Department of economics and marketing of the Educational and scientific institute of entrepreneurship and advanced technologies of the Lviv Polytechnic National University

Contacts:, (032)270-7089, (096)945-9098


Halachenko Oleksandr Oleksandrovych

Doctor of Economics

Professor of the Department of economics, entrepreneurship and management of the Vinnytsia Institute of Interregional Academy of Personnel Management



Danylo Yaroslav Ivanovych

Postgraduate of the Department of economics of the Uzhhorod National University




In modern conditions, the issue of tourism and recreation research arises from the need to find a harmonious balance between economic growth and environmental sustainability. Today, tourism is an important part of the global economy, but it is also an activity that has a significant impact on the environment and natural resources. The study of environmental and economic relations in this area is key to the development of sustainable and responsible tourism. This is especially important in the context of climate change, growing environmental awareness among the population, and increasing regulatory measures by governments. The relevance of this topic is conditioned by the constant changes in the tourism sector, which require rethinking and adaptation of economic models and strategies. In particular, innovative technologies, which are becoming increasingly available, can be integrated to monitor the environmental condition of tourist areas and ensure more efficient resource management. The article aims to study the nature of the tourism and recreation sphere of the region and determine its ecological and economic aspects. The article examines the issue of the definition of tourism and recreation activities and points out different approaches to its interpretation, as well as the lack of agreement on its ecological and economic structural elements. The author proposes to consider this field as an activity aimed at satisfying the tourist and recreational needs not only of local residents but also of visitors from other regions and countries, using natural and other resources that are attractive to tourists. The author analyzes and classifies various types of tourism and recreation services, including ecological and economic aspects. The key factors of their attractiveness, which form popular tourist destinations and influence the specifics and opportunities for the development of the tourism and recreation industry, are identified.


tourism and recreation sphere, economy, tourism and recreation activity, resources, ecology


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